Time for action to protect BAME workers

20 Jun 2020
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GMB, Britain's general union has called on the government to take real action to protect BAME communities from COVID 19. 

New figures released yesterday by the ONS show that the rate of deaths for black males was over three times greater than that for white males of the same age, while the rate for black females was more than twice as great than for white females. 

Men of Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian ethnic backgrounds also were found to be one and a half times more likely to die than their white counterparts, after adjustments were made for population characteristics. 

The ONS’s analysis also found that Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh people all have higher risks of death. 

In recent weeks GMB has been highly critical of the government’s failure to protect BAME workers from COVID19, with the latest figures a real wake up call for the government. 

Rehana Azam, GMB national secretary said: 

“Why is it that if you are from a black, Asian, and minority ethnic background, are you still more likely to be killed by coronavirus? 

“We’ve known this for weeks, and yet still no major action has taken place to protect BAME communities by government.  

“These figures are a huge wake up call. The time for talking is over. We don’t need further data or consultations. We need action from the government, and we need it now.” 

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