Wylfa collapse 'utterly predictable'

15 Sep 2020
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Press Office

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 GMB, the energy union, has described the collapse of the proposed Wylfa nuclear power station in Anglesey as ‘utterly predictable’. 

Reports from Japan suggest Hitachi – who were financing the build – have pulled out of the project. 

The union says that the UK needs at least six new Nuclear Power Station’s to meet the UK’s future energy demands and green targets. 

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary, said: 

“This utterly predictable announcement from Hitachi is outcome of successive government failures to act decisively around new nuclear, and in particular how it is financed. 

“New nuclear is vital in achieving decarbonisation - especially when teamed up with hydrogen. 

“It’s no coincidence that around the world - almost without exception - it’s Governments who finance these projects, as they are the lender of last resort when it comes to keeping the lights on. 

“The fanciful experiment of trying to get foreign companies or governments to fund our future energy needs leaves most ordinary citizens in this country bewildered.” 

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