World Menopause Day: urgent workplace action needed

19 Oct 2020
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Press Office

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On World Menopause day [Sunday October 18, 2020] GMB is renewing calls for urgent workplace reform to deal with potentially ‘crushing’ symptoms affecting 70% of women. 

GMB’s Annual congress last year called on employers to change their policies and procedures to include the menopause and protect members in the workplace

But one year on, the vast majority of employers still don’t have policies in place to support workers living with the menopause.  

Members can face disciplinary action as a result of triggering sickness absence policies, through no fault of their own. 

The average age of menopause is 51 but can affect women in their 30s and 40s. 

Around seven in ten women of menopausal age are in work in the UK. 

Nell Andrew, GMB National Equality and Inclusion Officer, said: 

“One year on, too few employers have taken up our call to make work easier for women and trans men undergoing the debilitating effect that the menopause can have. 

“This cannot wait; women make up half the workforce and are working to a later stage in life. 

“This will effect almost every workplace in the country. It is key that the menopause is taken as a serious workplace issue.” 

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