Fire-and-rehire ‘engulfing’ Staffordshire schools

09 Jun 2021
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Hundreds of support staff in more than 20 schools across Staffordshire are being bullied into signing worse contracts by their employers – or face the sack. 

The workers - including teaching assistants, caretakers, caterers and admin staff - could have their pay slashed by up to 25 per cent if they sign the new contracts – which mean they will only be paid for term time, rather than all year round. 

One anonymous Teaching Assistant said: 

“I’m being forced to do the same job for almost a quarter less pay. Me, my family and pupils are all suffering.  

“I’ve dedicated my life to the job I love but I don’t know how long I can keep going. 

“They wouldn’t do this to teachers.” 

Kirsty Hackney, GMB Organiser said: 

“Support staff are the loyal, hard-working foundation of schools; they're helping to raise the children of our communities.  

“During the past year, many schools allowed teachers to work from home whilst teaching assistants and support staff were on site with key workers’ children putting themselves at risk for the benefit of the children.  

“They come in early and go home late - staff stay for after school clubs and meetings - and they do it all for our children. 

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