£500 Bonus “no less than Welsh carers deserve”

03 Aug 2020
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Press Office

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Commentating on today’s announcement that the Welsh Government are now ready to launch the social care workers £500 bonus payment scheme, Kelly Andrews GMB Social Care lead said: 

“Social care work is undervalued and underpaid in this country. Whilst the rest of world shuddered to a halt under COVID our Social Care Heroes were still going, risking the health of both themselves and their families. This bonus is no less than they deserve."

“We will continue to highlight and campaign for the Social care workforce to be recognised as the consummate professionals they are, and for them to receive the better pay, terms and conditions that they so badly deserve. 

“That approach is the polar opposite of the Tories, who have refused to exempt this payment from Tax and NI, with the treasury taking a thick wedge out of every bonus paid from a hard-pressed care worker. This was nothing less than theft in broad daylight. 

“Our members should have received every penny of this payment; they won’t forget that next time they go to the ballot box”. 

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