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GMB union represents 100,000s of local government and schools staff across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and has been at the forefront of the campaign for pay justice.

Public sector workers across local authorities, schools, academies and contractors deserve a proper pay rise.

On 5th February 2020, Local Government Employers tabled a pay offer of 2% for Local Government and School workers. GMB rejected this offer because it falls short of the pay demands set out by GMB members.

A 2% offer does nothing to address the decade of savage cuts our members have suffered – wages have been devalued by 22% over the past ten years.

It's a NO from GMB

This was Prime Minister Johnson’s first test on how his government is going to treat public sector workers and the offer tabled today is woefully short of a proper decent wage. 

Local government workers are the backbone of our communities

GMB demands a proper negotiation, in good faith, that restores public sector workers’ confidence that Prime Minister Johnson and his new MPs – many of whom have thousands of public sector workers in their constituencies – value the vital services they provide. 

The election is over, and soundbites are worthless unless words are followed by deeds – it’s a ‘NO’ from GMB.

If you agree that you deserve more, join GMB’s campaign for Public Sector Pay Justice and sign the petition.

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